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Grow Your Business and Increase Your Profits With iMailer,
Easy-To-Use Private Label Mailing List Management and Email
Marketing Software For
UK Design
and Marketing Firms

"A Revolutionary Tool In Mailing List Management and Email Delivery"

* Save time and money

* Increase profits

* Generate more leads and sales

* Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

* Retain and promote your brand

iMailer is an easy-to-use, web-based email marketing and mailing list management
system that integrates seamlessly with websites, captures and stores sales lead
data, and automatically sends follow-up emails to customers and leads whenever
you choose.

By automating practically everything for you, iMailer will save you vast amounts
of your time and countless headaches. All you need is a web-browser -- there's
no software or hardware to install.

Plug-and-Play Email Marketing for Designers and Marketers

Just how profitable is your online business?

In today's business world, email marketing is no longer a luxury. It's a necessity.

Online businesses that use iMailer quickly realise the benefits of sending special
announcements, newsletters, and promotional offers to their customers via email.
Email marketing offers businesses an effective marketing medium at a fraction
of the cost of traditional direct mail and off-line advertising.

Designers and marketers who use iMailer can meet their clients' requests for a
professional email marketing solution. From automated list management to email
delivery and tracking, iMailer enables you to enhance your service portfolio
and generate additional revenue for your business.

If you're looking for easy to use, multi-user email marketing and mailing list
management solution that lets you create, send and track personalised email
campaigns at the click of a button, iMailer is your complete solution.

In fact, iMailer is so easy to use, existing clients refer to it as "plug-and-play
email marketing!"

iMailer handles it all - subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces, message personalisation,
text and HTML email delivery, email response tracking, following up and
more manual unsubscribes, hassle-free list management, scheduled mailings and
automated customer follow up.

Targeted Email Marketing
With iMailer, targeting your email is easy. Send email to all of your customers, or
filter and send by demographic data stored in your database.

Personalised Email
Improve response rates by personalising your email. You can personalise the To,
From and Subject fields as well as the Body text using any field in your database.

HTML and Text
With iMailer you can send HTML email with confidence. Messages are sent as text
and HTML to ensure your subscribers receive a readable version of your message.

Scheduled Mailings
No matter if you're at a business conference or away on holiday, iMailer lets you
schedule your campaigns months or years in advance of your desired mailing date.

Response Tracking
iMailer lets you insert trackable links into your messages and provides click-through
reports to track your success. It can even track who clicked, and when!

Customer Follow Up
Set up campaigns and automatically deliver a sequence of timed messages to your
list. Messages can be text or HTML, and fully personalised.

Subscriber Forms
Subscribers can opt-in to your mailing lists using iMailer web forms. The HTML form
generating wizard will automatically capture and store subscriber data, and instantly
send a personalised welcome message.

Automated List Management
iMailer handles all subscribe and unsubscribe requests, and takes care of bounces
and duplicate email addresses, keeping your lists current and clean.

Anti-Spam Protection
The user IP address and URL of the signup form are captured and stored with each
subscriber record. Your messages include a one-click unsubscribe option too.

Web-Based Solution
The easy to use, secure online control panel is accessed via your web-browser and
lets you manage and send email campaigns from anywhere in the world!

There is no software or hardware to install, and you'll be operational as soon as
you open your account.

Take The Next Step...

Take advantage of an online lead capture and email automation system today
to add value to your service, build better customer relationships, and generate
new and repeat revenue streams for your business.

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